Associated inactivated emulsion vaccine against salmonellosis and pasteurellosis


The vaccine is a slightly viscous emulsion of white colour. During storage slight separation of adjuvant can be observed. The emulsion becomes homogeneous again after thorough bottle shaking.


The vaccine is used for prevention of salmonellosis and pasteurellosis in pigs on the affected farms caused by bacteria Pasteurella multocida (serogroups А and D), Salmonella choleraesuis and Salmonella typhimurium.

Route of administration

Clinically healthy animals are subject to vaccination. 20-25-day old piglets are vaccinated twice (dose is 0.5 cm3 per administration). The vaccine is administered only intramuscularly in the neck and the time interval between the first and the second administration ranges between 20-40 days. Pregnant sows are vaccinated once, 30-45 days before farrowing. They are vaccinated only intramuscularly behind the ear (dose 1cm3 per administration). Vaccination of sows does not exclude following vaccination of piglets.


The vaccine induces active immunity response in pigs to salmonellosis and pasteurellosis. Vaccine is innocuous and demonstrates low reactogenicity. Vaccinated animals develop strong immunity: on day 20-25 post second administration in piglets; or on day 20-25 in sows-after single administration and is preserved for 12 months. Vaccinated sows transmit specific immune factors via colostrum to the piglets, thus, protecting them from salmonellosis and pasteurellosis for a month after birth.

Storage conditions

The vaccine is stored in a dry, dark place at the temperature between 2 and 8oC. Vaccine shelf life – 12 months from production date.

pasteurellosis and salmonellosis
Strain/ serotype: 
P.multocida (A+B+D) + S.typhimurium +S.choleraesuis
Inactivated emulsion
Filling/ dosage: 
Bottle, 10, 50, 100 and 200 cm 3
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses