Inactivated emulsion vaccine against reproductive and respiratory syndrome


The vaccine is a water-oil emulsion based on the cultural inactivated European genotype PRRS virus (KPR-96 strain) and oil adjuvant. The vaccine is white to pink viscous emulsion. When stored slight mineral oil layer separation in the upper part of the bottle and emulsion creaming in the lower part of the bottle is observed. The emulsion becomes homogeneous again after thorough shaking.


The vaccine is intended for preventive vaccination of pigs on PRRS infected farms or farms at risk. Only clinically healthy animals are subject to vaccination.

Route of administration

The vaccine should be administered intramuscularly at 2cm3 dose regardless of the animal age. On farms at PRRS risk sows and replacement gilts should be vaccinated twice at a 20-30 day interval three weeks before mating (insemination). Later previously immunized sows should be vaccinated once 3-4 weeks before mating (insemination). On PRRS infected farms sows and replacement gilts are for the first time inoculated twice prior to mating (insemination) at a 20-30 day interval, and then they should be vaccinated again at day 60-70 of gestation. Hereafter previously immunized sows are for the first time vaccinated once 3-4 weeks before mating (insemination) and for the second time on day 60-70 of gestation. Boars should be vaccinated twice at 20-30 day interval 3 weeks prior to mating (insemination). They should be subsequently vaccinated each 6 months. Piglets born to vaccinated sows should be vaccinated twice at the age of 30-45 days at 20-30 day interval. Piglets born to non-vaccinated sows and having no colostral antibodies to PRRSV can be vaccinated during the first days of life.


The vaccine induces immunity in 21 days post vaccination after two-fold administration. The duration of immunity is at least six months. Immunity of piglets born to vaccinated sows persists until they are 25-35 days old.

Storage conditions

The vaccine shelf life is 12 months from the date of its production provided that it is stored in a dry dark place at 2 – 8 °C. Freezing of the vaccine is not allowed.

Strain/ serotype: 
Inactivated emulsion
Filling/ dosage: 
10, 50, 100 and 200 cm 3 bottles
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses