Inactivated sorbate vaccine against bovine rotavirus and coronavirus infections


Vaccine is intended for bovine rotavirus and coronavirus infection prevention on farms infected with and farms at risk of these diseases. The vaccine dosage form is a suspension for injections. The vaccine is a homogeneous suspension of pink colour. Loose sediment forms during its storage that is easily resuspended by shaking.


The vaccine is intended for bovine rotavirus and coronavirus infection prevention on farms infected with and at risk of the said diseases.

Route of administration

The vaccine is administered intramuscularly in the middle third of the neck. The site of injection is treated with 70% ethanol or other disinfecting solution. The vaccine should be warmed in a water bath up to 30 – 35 °C for 10-15 minutes before administration. The vaccine bottles should be regularly shaken during the vaccination procedure. The volume of the vaccine dose is 3 cm3. Disposable or reusable syringes and needles as well as autoinjectors sterilized by boiling in water for 15-20 min should be used for the vaccination. Sterilization of syringes, needles and autoinjectors with chemicals is prohibited. On infected farms heifers and pregnant cows should be vaccinated twice with a 21-30 day interval 1.5-2.0 months prior to calving; heifers ready to breeding should be vaccinated twice with a 21-30-day interval 1.0-1.5 month prior to the first service. The animals should be revaccinated 6 months after.


The vaccine induces the immune response in cattle to bovine rotavirus and coronavirus on day 14-21 after being administered twice. The immunity lasts for at least 6 months. Mechanism of action is as follows: development of specific immunity in vaccinated cows (or heifers) to agents of bovine rotavirus and coronavirus after double vaccine administration. Induced antibodies are transmitted with colostrum and confer newborn calves protection from rotavirus and coronavirus infection for the first 45 days of their life.

Storage conditions

The vaccine should be stored and transported in dry dark place at 2 – 8 °C. Freezing of the vaccine is not allowed. The vaccine shelf life is 12 months from the date of its production provided that its storage and transportation conditions are met.

bovine rotavirus and coronavirus infections
Strain/ serotype: 
inactivated sorbate
Filling/ dosage: 
45 and 90 cm3 bottles
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses