Dry cultural virus vaccine against sheep and goat pox


The vaccine is applied for preventive immunization of sheep and goats against sheep and goat pox in affected areas and zones and farms at risk. Pharmaceutical form - freeze-dried mass. The vaccine is a homogeneous, dry, porous mass of light yellow color, totally dissoluble in sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution (saline solution) for 1.5 minutes.


The vaccine is used for preventive vaccination of sheep and goats against sheep and goat pox in affected areas and zones and farms at risk. It is banned to vaccinate clinically diseased and/or weakened animals.

Route of administration

The virus vaccine is administered to sheep and goats subcutaneously into the hairless skin area (fore flank, tail patch) in compliance with the hygiene regulations (dose of 1cm3). Before administration the dry virus vaccine is diluted in compliance with the sanitary rules in PBS solution cooled down to 4°C. PBS is added into vaccine bottles with a syringe (2 cm3 into a bottle containing 50 vaccine doses and 4 cm3 into a bottle containing 100 vaccine doses), then bottles are carefully shaken till complete re-suspension. After re-suspension the virus vaccine is pooled together with sterile PBS (48 cm3 or 96 cm3) to get 50 and 100 vaccine doses, correspondingly, and carefully shaken. Syringes and needles that are sterilized during 20-minute boiling are used for vaccination. Disposable syringes are also permitted. No chemicals are allowed for disinfection of syringes and needles. The skin surface at the injection site shall be treated with 70% alcohol or other disinfectants. In case of scheduled vaccination, sheep and goats are first vaccinated at the age of 3 months. Re-vaccination is carried out every 12 months. In the affected area and on the farms within the zone at risk animals of all age groups demonstrating no signs of the disease shall be vaccinated regardless of the last vaccination date. The young animals (under 6 months) shall be vaccinated twice with a 14-day interval. In 6-7 months the young animals are revaccinated and the mature animals are vaccinated in 12 months.


Virus vaccine induces immune response in vaccinated sheep and goats on day 5 post one vaccination and duration of the immunity is at least 12 months. The vaccine is innocuous and has no medical properties.

Storage conditions

The vaccine shall be stored and transported in a dry dark place at 2 – 8 °C. The vaccine shelf life is 24 months from the production date provided that its storage and transportation conditions are met. The virus vaccine cannot be used after the expiry date.

sheep and goat pox
Strain/ serotype: 
«ARRIAH» sheep pox and «ARRIAH 2003» goat pox
live, dry, cultural
Filling/ dosage: 
2 and 4 cm 3 flask
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses