TRIMAREK virus vaccine against Marek’s disease


The vaccine is a horizontally-levelled frozen homogenous mass, when thawed is a yellowish pink opalescent suspension; the diluent is a clear colourless liquid. Marketed in Dewar flasks filled with liquid nitrogen.


The vaccine is indicated for the prevention of Marek’s disease on risk and affected poultry farms of different types. Clinically healthy day-old chicks (during their first hours of life) are subject to vaccination.

Route of administration

Inject the vaccine intramuscularly into the upper third of the inner thigh or subcutaneously into the neck in the amount of 0.2 ml using common or automatic syringes or special dosage delivery devices.


A single vaccination induces immunity in chicks on 21–28 day post vaccination which lasts during the whole laying period of the bird.



The shelf life of the vaccine and diluent is 24 months provided the storage and transportation conditions are met. When the shelf life is expired the virus vaccine and diluent shall not be used. Refreezing and storage of the vaccine in liquid nitrogen vapour is not allowed. The vaccine should be stored and transported in Dewar flasks filled with liquid nitrogen at –196°C. The diluent should be stored in a dry dark place at 4–20°C.

Marek’s disease
Strain/ serotype: 
3004, SB-1 and VLADIMIR / Serotypes 1, 2 and 3
Virus vaccine
Filling/ dosage: 
glass or plastic vials
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses