Virus vaccine against infectious bursal disease based on BG strain


The vaccine is intended for infectious bursal disease prevention in chickens by establishment of strong and specific immunity. Dosage form is a freezedried substance for suspension production. Visually the vaccine is a dry homogenous porous substance of brown color. The substance is easily soluble in water within 1–2 min.


The virus vaccine is intended for IBD prevention in the IBD infected farms and on farms at IBD risk using different types of poultry breeding. Only clinically healthy 7–21-day old birds are vaccinated. Exact date of the first vaccination depends on the epidemic situation on the farm and maternal antibody level.

Route of administration

The vaccine is administered with drinking water twice at 10–14-day interval. A day before vaccination amount of water consumed by one bird during 1.5 hours should be calculated and total amount of water consumed by all vaccinated birds should be determined. For vaccination the necessary amount of the virus vaccine doses correspondent to the number of vaccinated chickens should be dissolved in the determined amount of water and distributed in waterers prewashed without disinfectants.

Chilled, boiled chlorine- and ferrum-free water (at not above 20°C) supplemented with 1% of dry skimmed milk is used for drinking water vaccination.

Egg-laying chickens are deprived of water for 4–8 hours; broilers – for 2–3 hours. Water may be given in 2 hours after immunization.

The vaccination is considered successful when in 14 days post double vaccination the ELISA titer in 90% of chicken sera is twice as high as minimal positive value prescribed in the manufacturer’s instruction to the test-kit.


The vaccine induces active immunity against infectious bursal disease agent in 14–21 days post double administration. The immunity should last for the whole production life of the birds. One immune dose of the vaccine contains 103 EID50 of the IBD virus (BG strain). The vaccine is innocuous and has no therapeutic properties.

Storage conditions

Manufacturer, customer and distributor should store the vaccine in original boxes (and in shipping container) in dry and dark place at 2–8°C. The vaccine shelf-life is 12 months from the date of production.

Strain/ serotype: 
live, dry
Filling/ dosage: 
2 or 4 cm 3 bottles
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses