Sorbat mono-and polyvalent FMD vaccine (from virus grown in BHK-21 cells)


The vaccine is a pink or light-yellow liquid with loose white or light-grey precipitate formed during storage ana easily broken down into homogeneous suspension at shaking.


The inactivated vaccine is intended for preventive immunization of cattle, buffalos, yaks, sheep and goats against FMD caused by virus types A, O, C, - Asia-1, SAT-1, SAT-2 and SAT-3. The vaccine is used in the outbreak area, zone under threat and on farms where vaccination has not been practiced; all animals are vaccinated twice from one-day-old age with a 10-20-day interval. Hereafter the young stock is immunized every three months until the age of 18 months. Adult animals are vaccinated every 6 months. On farms in the buffer zone, where vaccination has been practiced before, young animals are immunized from 4-month-old age and revaccinated every three months until the age of 18 months. Adult stock is vaccinated every 6 months.

Vaccination route

The vaccine is injected at doses indicated on vials, under aseptic and antiseptic conditions:

• cattle, buffalos, yaks and camels are vaccinated subcutaneously in the middle third of the neck or dewlap;

• sheep and goats are vaccinated subcutaneously in the inner surface of the thigh.


None. Meat, milk and other products derived from health vaccinated animals can bе used without restrictions.


The vaccine induces strong immunity against foot-andmouth disease when administered parenterally. Primarily vaccinated animals develop immunity by day 21.

Type of packing

The vaccine is filled in glass or plastic vials at a volume of 50, 100 and 200 cm’, stoppered with mbber stoppers, sealed with aluminium caps and labeled according to STO. Balk vaccine is filled in metal or polymer containers at a volume of 10000, 20000 and 50000 cm3.

Storage conditions

The shelf-life is 18 months from the date of production provided the vaccine is stored and transported in a place protected from direct sunlight at 2°C- 8°C.


The vaccine batch is accompanied with the Certificate describing main physicochemical and biological characteristics of the vaccine.


Sorbat, inactivated vaccine
Filling/ dosage: 
glass or plastic vials, 200 ml.
Measurement unit: 
one thousand doses